Entering your search term(s)

Too many hits, or hits are not accurate enough?
The search results are limited to 10,000 hits.  If your search has resulted in more than 10,000 hits, this will be indicated.

To make your search more accurate or precise, you could:

Too few hits, or not finding something expected?
To find more hits, you could:

Adjusting the fuzziness (similarity) of your search
The precision or fuzziness of a search can be adjusted.
Currently it is set to a default value of 90% where 50% would give you the widest set of results and 100% would give you the narrowest.
The default value of 90% can be overridden.
Because of the way the fuzzy works using a higher value may exclude items which have the correct term on the card but the OCR has interpreted it incorrectly.

For example:
"Engel"  Similarity 100% - is the most precise search.
"Engel"  Similarity   90% - is the current setting and is the same as entering “Engel” only.
"Engel"  Similarity   70% - is less precise and may find extra relevant cards which have had your terms mis-read by the optical character recognition.
(Lower numbers can be used but are likely to give large numbers of cards that are not relevant.)

About Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
The full text search has been enabled by a process called optical character recognition which looks at the groups of characters on the card image and converts the data into something that can be searched.
The fuzzy
search means that even if the characters have not been correctly recognised the system can interpret the data and give you some results.
(If a whole book is being digitised the optical character recognition can be adjusted to allow for inconsistencies in the typeface e.g. an indistinct character, because it will occur throughout the document. Because our cards were typed and produced on many machines and by several methods this "learning" part of the OCR process cannot be used.)

The optical character recognition does not always recognise a word or term but the fuzzy search will display all near matches.